who’s next?

The past few months I’ve struggled with working consistently on any one project.   Bouncing from embroidering to piecing, to quilting, to knitting.  None of my works in progress are getting the attention they deserve.  It’s kind of driving me crazy.  I have a couple of new projects in mind, but I dread having one join the stack.

arabic lattice partial blocksThis is where I’m at with my Arabic Lattice quilt.  It’s a hand piecing project that is going to be a large quilt.  Hand piecing is a one block at time process that I love, so I’m cool with how long it will take to get this from block to quilt top.  It’s just that there are a lot of blocks left so I’m setting this one aside for a while.  I have another hand piecing project with paper pieced hexies.  It’s so low on the list it’s packed up for now.  I also tested an applique block that I’m dying to make some more of, but again, packed up for now.

partial spider web blocksThese are my spider web blocks.  A spider web quilt has been on my to stitch list for a mighty long time.  I’m machine stitching the blocks and plan on hand quilting this one.  These blocks are foundation pieced on to muslin.  The stack in the back is the triangles I still need to make.  I was thinking of focusing on this quilt top but then realized I couldn’t hand quilt anything until I finish my paris embroidery.

haptic-paris.jpgMy Paris map haptic lab is on my quilting rack right now.  To be honest, it’s been there for quite a while.  It’s a massive embroidery project that I plan to use as a wall hanging.  I’ve finished up the left bank and am working my way through the right.  In order for anything else to be quilted, this has to be done.  The paper pattern on the top is fragile and starting to wear in spots so I’m officially moving it to the top of the list.

So once I have Paris done, it should be smooth sailing through the rest of my projects, right?

fall sewing

I’m working like a madman to make a deadline, because next week is my stop in Sew Sweetness’s Tula Pink Sew along.

I’m also getting ready for my trip to Sewing Summit.  I’ve managed to finish some travel handmade projects.

I’ve made a few of these Noodlehead zipper pouches.

Lulu promptly stole the blue deer bag so I made another one in my favorite paris print to keep my hand sewing supplies together.

I’m especially happy with how the two different colorways matched up.

Both kids have grown out of the their pajamas.

 I made pants for Cj.  (Simplicity 2290)

These are the tops from Lulu’s set.  (McCall’s M6239)

I still need to make my skirt.  I have done a muslin of the pattern so I’m hoping the actual skirt will come together quickly.

To add to the fun, both our modem and router gave out on us this week.  I always feel a bit like I have conquered the world when I solve those sorts of techy issues, but now it’s back to hand quilting.